Some of you at know that my identity is largely attached to the plush, luscious, greenery of the Pacific Northwest and all its watery ways. Having grown up in an area decked with moss everywhere, ferns in abundance, trees that are evergreen, you can’t really blame me for wanting to incorporate it in my work at any given chance, in any given session. I just love it and you can’t shake it from my bones!

Last week, while shopping for some vines for our a wall my husband and I are in the process of creating, we went to a local-ish nursery and wouldn’t you know, there was this entire side of a building covered in this five-fingered vine I definitely wanted to take home? Like, HELLO!! The whole wall, please!!

This is where Joel came in. He lived just a short distance away from the nursery and I was definitely down to drive back. Let me speak no more, and show you how amazing this vine wall is!

1Illuminated Anchor2Illuminated Anchor13Illuminated Anchor

Amazing, isn’t it?! Joel totally kills it in that black and white image!!

If you have a minute, go venture on over to Countryside Nursery in north Austin and check out how gorgeous it is. Pictures don’t do it justice; go early before the cars all park in front of it! Now, let’s all pick up our jaws from the floor and finish the sesh. Joel’s images are siiiiickkk!

I may have been converted to a male-portrait photographer! So good, and so outside of my usual. It was fun thinking outside my usual path, and definitely gets the creativity opened up and going. Thankful for feeling refreshed after this session and ready for the next!




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