Lately: Studio Work


Hey, Crew! …that’s what I’m calling my fabulous friends and fans, now. It just sounds awesome!

I’m in two classes currently and have only one left after this until I graduate with my Associates of Science in Digital Photography. I can’t believe I am finally at the end! What a relief, because it feels like it has been forever, and mothering/wifeing while studenting is HARD! WE are both over it.

But, I get to do some great art while I’m in class, and have been open for bookings and have all my paperwork lined up for this county in Texas (since we moved from west Texas, not all my paperwork needs to be re-done), when I’m up for air upon graduation. Whoop! Y’all are invited to watch me walk in Austin in less than a month, if you’d like to come!

Anyways, I just thought I’d share what I’m up to lately. A lot of portraiture and marketing; and it’s all so good! I love it!



2 thoughts on “Lately: Studio Work

  1. While not in Texas, I would love to watch you walk. Do they live stream graduation? If so, I can log on to watch and share in your joy. I can’t imagine the sense of accomplishment and pride that you must be feeling right now. We have all been rooting for you! Congratulations!

    1. Tears! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will see what they offer for streaming. It will be the Art Institute in Austin (which is really in Round Rock), I think it’s called Art Institute of Austin a branch of Art Institute of Houston. I’m not sure if that will matter for streaming purposes though. I’ll get back to you! xo

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