Ok, let me shoot this straight. Kinley is totally my niece. Chad has one sister, and this is her oldest daughter. I met her when she was about 6 years old. She was precious, adorable, completely naive to the way the big world works, as all 6 year old usually are.

Talk. About. PRECIOUS.

Since Chad and I have been living a military lifestyle (and, ahem, married with families on opposite coasts [OOPS]), we’ve been living far and away and we’re lucky if we get a visit once a year to our stomping grounds. Every time we go home, we just can’t believe our eyes about just how much time has passed.

It is ever so evident in the youngest generation.

Without further words to clog this post up (duh), here is my beautiful niece.

Let me tell you a bit about the location, real quick. So Chad’s grandparents have had this property for a long time.There are defining characteristics of this property and annual occurring work that circulate about the lives here. Chopping wood is aΒ real thingΒ here, and really, how money is saved and heat is produced at the same time.

The wood pile says “mamaw and papaw’s”, but also so many other houses here, too. (Really, it was too gorgeous to pass up as a location). That yellow, though? THAT is what you would think of when you think of this property. There are three buildings / houses here, and this yellow hue has been there since the day I met my new family members. Family members have lived and loved and created memories here. It has held importance, and for that reason alone, we totally had to use it.


Someone else see a six year old here, like me?

Guh… time flies.



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