Tatiana & Abel

Tatiana and Abel met me at Waveform Studio in Austin, TX for some magazine-inspired couples portraits in minimalist yet stylish apparel. If you’re a photographer and looking for a studio to rent for a few hours, I love how much space Waveform has. All their lights are set up for you on stands, plugged in, have modification options and you just adjust and place and modify; it’s so easy! There is a vanity for makeup, a steamer to get wrinkles out of clothes, a place to change, fans, music, tons of posing/seating props… I love it. I did much of my summer studio work here when I wasn’t working on set building or self-portraits in my own [smaller] studio.


Tatiana has shot with me before and definitely has some kinesthetic capabilities going on; that makes it super easy to work with her and posing, which is fabulous. Isn’t she amazing?! So amazing.

When I work with models (that means any client I have!!), I work hard making sure my models are comfortable in front of the camera and make sure to take a break when they get too uncomfortable. I switch lenses long enough, offer water breaks, let them chatter off topic, or put on some music. My male models benefit from this substantially, and the connection just seems more authentic after. Happy campers make happy models.


Abel had never been photographed before in a portrait styled manner. He wasn’t sure of how to stand or how to be, but the funny thing is, I really just want my models to be them! Stand or sit comfortably, with slight modifications to it (by me) for the best space and angles. Once Abel got this, I captured one of the best male model portraits I’ve ever taken. The following few are easily some of my faves!

Thank you Tatiana and Abel for being amazing human beings and trusting me in the studio, where you were unsure of the outcome from the get go. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

And, because I really adore image sets, I’ll share it this way, too.

This spread made a glorious print in my 2017 portfolio. I adoreeeee this spread so much! TALK. ABOUT. POWERHOUSE! I hope you loved to see them also.



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