I did it! (I graduated, AGAIN!)

As part of the benefits of serving my county in the United States Army, I was given a GI Bill to attend college on the Army’s dollar, because of my dedication to serve my country. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with an Associate of Science in Digital Photography, graduating with the Best in Show Portfolio Award, Nationwide for the summer of 2018 graduates in the photography department.

I am so proud of that achievement, and the Art Institute must have been, also, because they invited me back with a scholarship for $10,000. I was able to attend again under the Digital Design Diploma program and finish the program with a full ride AGAIN! I couldn’t be more thankful.

Have you checked out the work I was able to produce while I was under instruction of the Art Institute instructors?

I quickly learned that photoshop, which I used on the daily for my photography courses, was NOTHING like illustrator and no easy translation at all. I took a 5.5 week CRASH course in Adobe Illustrator where I learned from zero, to a functional basic user. It was in this crash course I produced my first digital illustration I was proud of! Check out my Thor: Origins publication design that includes my first original artworks of Thor and Thor related spot illustrations. I was proud of the new birthing of the ability to design ANYTHING in Illustrator.thor meet mag psd mockup

At the end of my days in this path, I was thankfully ending my college days WITH HONORS!



This year, 2019, I vowed to learn how to draw, and become a pro-user of the software. Let’s see where this year takes me.

For now, you can download the portfolio I was able to sow, nurture, and harvest in the earliest beginnings of my digital design career.

So much love for those of you who are supporting my creative life and my successes, right here at my side and in my heart.



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