Portrait Photographer. Graphic Designer. Entrepreneur. Goal Digger. Scatterbrain (turned BuJo-ist). Intuitive. U.S. Army Veteran. Wife. Mommy.


I graduated with an Associate of Science in Digital Photography from the Art Institute in Summer, 2017. They gracefully asked me to return by offering me a scholarship, which I couldn’t turn down. I’m now back in school until December 2018 studying Graphic Design, which will give our (my husband and my) “brother” business, Magnetic North Graphics & Design, a huge leg up from where we are now (the very beginning stage). I’m PUMPED! My favorite part is that I now get to use Magnetic’s wide format printer for my client’s prints. I went from printing in-house at 13×19 for the largest (and out-sourcing the rest), to any length by 20-inches high!!

I’m a huge fan of the bullet journal; there are endless ideas on Pinterest. That shit keeps me toeing the line like I’ve got my own personal drill sergeant in my pocket!

I’ve only recently found a spiritual style that I’ve really found happiness absolute JOY with. Around early autumn, I was introduced to tarot by a long lost friend. Everything about the reflection of self, the searching within and identifying YOUR OWN emotions and feelings, really struck my core. I began finding that tarot opened up more than an emotional connection with myself, but it was a totally valid tool to use to connect with others, with the life and death cycles in the seasons, with appreciating animals and humans alike, and one that was a tool to make the wheels turn in progress. I’ve since discovered meditation (if you haven’t, allow yourself the experience!), using crystals, animal wisdom (think native american style animal appreciation and totem pole type stuff).

The road doesn’t stop there, and there is so much more to have utter joy with. But the most beautiful change I see in myself (and others identify in me), is actual human compassion and being able to share love and light and goodness. If you haven’t tried emotions… you should! (Ha, that sounds like I’m recommending “trying drugs” — it’s better than that!)

I adore photography so much. I deeply appreciate seeing memories that have — in my mind — lost color or structure to what it was. With photography, I get to see the images again and again and remember exactly how cheesy my kid’s smile was, how sweaty we actually were in some hot ass Texas summer days, how small my kids used to be, and my parents existing in my life and how much I loved spending time with them (we’re long distance), and that my kids will also be able to look back on those photos.

I used to think that being a photographer meant having spot-on poses and just-right lighting. I mean, I went to school and learned the techniques and all about design and shape and post production and and and… but now, I know in my heart, that photography is that, but it’s also about emotion.

What do you feel when you see those images? What emotions come rushing back? THAT is what I want to give you when I photograph you and your loved ones (hey adult siblings! YOU, TOO!). Photography is nothing if it doesn’t stir emotion within you.

I love that I get to connect with others in a compassionate and intimate way. I love being invited to meet you at your level and creating now memories for you to look at for years to come (even heirloom prints!). I love being a compassionate person! …who also has a camera!

So, sorry not sorry, if I’m that weirdo that walks up to your lovely self and asks to photograph you. Promise I’m not a creeper. I just adore your self-expression or know you’ll want to save these todays for tomorrows.



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