Scatterbrain. Photographer. Coffee-drinker. Bow-Maker. Dreamer. Wife. Mommy.

I’m a huge fan of the bullet journal; there are endless ideas on Pinterest.

I’m a mother of three, but rarely share photos of my kids online. When I do, they’ll be used repeatedly across my social media platforms. I don’t really have a reason as to why I don’t share, other than, I think it should be their choice and they can choose when the come of age. My oldest is not yet aware of societal norms, but is interested in games other kids play (Minecraft, Pokémon, etc).

We’re ritual library visitors. Talk. about. life-saving. WHEW! Entertainment for the kids, and breathing room for me to let them explore.

I’m graduating in August this year with National Technical Honor Society honors. 🙂 *patting myself on the back*.


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