This is us. It’s who we are. We may be a little underdressed, a little scatter-brained from having two young children, a little on-the-spot or whimsical… but it is what makes our life together memorable. It took us two months for this to come together. I had this idea that I wanted him in theContinue reading “WV / WA”

Daddies | A Poetic Story

Daddies love unconditionally and always at first sight. Daddies celebrate happiness with hugs. Daddies teach young boys to love now, as they will love later: with sincerity. Daddies always give the best hugs. Daddies let their kids comb their mustaches, even if they get their noses combed in the process. Daddies teach their kids itContinue reading “Daddies | A Poetic Story”

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet When Your Kid is In It

You just don’t. Leave the matter be and shove it in the linen closet when he’s done running around underneath it, banging into corners and walls while blinded. Wrinkled and all. Dad won’t notice when it’s stretched across the bed later on anyway and it makes it easier for Mom to pick up the tenContinue reading “How To Fold a Fitted Sheet When Your Kid is In It”

Healthy Baby #2

It’s always nice to hear that your baby on the way is healthy. And it’s always nice to celebrate his health with the ones who mean the absolute world to you. Today, my husband and I celebrated with single servings of Cherry Garcia icecream (because a pint of it is dangerous), and my son gaveContinue reading “Healthy Baby #2”