Ok, let me shoot this straight. Kinley is totally my niece. Chad has one sister, and this is her oldest daughter. I met her when she was about 6 years old. She was precious, adorable, completely naive to the way the big world works, as all 6 year old usually are. Talk. About. PRECIOUS. Since … Continue reading Kinley

Gasworks Park 1

Because I am certain I will be visiting Gasworks Park again, I've titled this, "Gasworks Park 1". And, I'll warn you now: things are about to get real here. I've been here before, as many have as well. Today's visit was different, although you wouldn't know it if you were with me in person. My … Continue reading Gasworks Park 1

“How Far?”

I know some people that can relate to this response, "how far?" Many of us hear this response with our own skepticism. I can't help but feel slightly angered over the complaints that I live, "how far?" Well, honestly, I could continue living on the east coast, I could have instead chosen to live near … Continue reading “How Far?”

Little Girl

Growing up, I seldomly remember a camera in my childhood. There were some, of course, because there are pictures of my childhood that still exist. There is one picture that I've always remembered, mostly because it was proudly displayed in a dusty frame atop a wooden, scalloped window valence, but also because it was a nice … Continue reading Little Girl