“Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Mini Flyer

This is going to be exciting! I can't wait to get on location and style the set for you guys! We'll be shooting in west El Paso (location to be revealed upon booking and payment) in true "Christmas in El Paso" form. We don't have Christmas tree farms and snow here, so we will get … Continue reading “Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Military Portrait Fundraiser

So my life for the last 11 years has been all Army. For about three quarters of a year now, I've been trying to get some great portraits done of the troop I am FRG Leader for. Finally, I was able to get them done, and it was a great, GREAT success. πŸ™‚ Without further … Continue reading Military Portrait Fundraiser

Ladies Conference 2013 | Puyallup Foursquare Church

This was the first event I've shot in the dark for a very, very long time... probably since I was living in Tennessee and shot Drive By Truckers. Wow, that was years ago! It's nice to know that I can go into almost any circumstance with confidence {AMEN!}. That is what He wants us to … Continue reading Ladies Conference 2013 | Puyallup Foursquare Church

Gasworks Park 1

Because I am certain I will be visiting Gasworks Park again, I've titled this, "Gasworks Park 1". And, I'll warn you now: things are about to get real here. I've been here before, as many have as well. Today's visit was different, although you wouldn't know it if you were with me in person. My … Continue reading Gasworks Park 1

Homecoming for Paige

Paige is one of my regulars in front of the camera. She is one of the few here in Columbus, GA that hire me for photographic work, simply because I don't advertise here. A lot of my attention while living here has been directed at mothering, wifing, and schooling. I foundΒ that furthering my photography knowledge … Continue reading Homecoming for Paige