Finding Joy

I birthed two boys and a girl. These kids have been my solid foundation, my return to love, my you're-driving-me-crazy... my deepest loves. They have meant the world to me as I've gone through days, in and out with them. My boys have saved me from deeply dark days, taught me how to be more compassionate … Continue reading Finding Joy

“Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Mini Flyer

This is going to be exciting! I can't wait to get on location and style the set for you guys! We'll be shooting in west El Paso (location to be revealed upon booking and payment) in true "Christmas in El Paso" form. We don't have Christmas tree farms and snow here, so we will get … Continue reading “Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Little Girl

Growing up, I seldomly remember a camera in my childhood. There were some, of course, because there are pictures of my childhood that still exist. There is one picture that I've always remembered, mostly because it was proudly displayed in a dusty frame atop a wooden, scalloped window valence, but also because it was a nice … Continue reading Little Girl


There is something about the Pacific Northwest that my heart finds so desirable. It is hard to believe that it had been 9 years almost to the day that I had waited to move back here... And everything here is surreal. The height of the trees, the glow we bask in during the evening, the … Continue reading Aglow

pictures worth saving

This morning (like most mornings) in my bathroom, I had the cutest little boy to look at. I've got a cutie who, as silly as this sounds, likes to play with toothbrushes; may they be his, his little brother's, our sonicares, or our "regular" toothbrushes... No matter. He even knows how to move the toothbrush … Continue reading pictures worth saving