Daddies love unconditionally and always at first sight. Daddies celebrate happiness with hugs. Daddies teach young boys to love now, as they will love later: with sincerity. Daddies always give the best hugs. Daddies let their kids comb their mustaches, even if they get their noses combed in the process. Daddies teach their kids it … Continue reading Daddies

Baby Stuff

My husband and I have been talking about how close we are to having another special stork delivery; just under 9 weeks left! We've been seeing small babies while out and about and thinking about how our arms will be filled with a new, small bundle, and our big bundle. Our No.1 will be 18 … Continue reading Baby Stuff

{Trey} Newborn

It isn't often that I advertise my business here in Columbus because I get so caught up in school, being a wife, and being a mother... and then trying to be my own self. Upon moving here and seeing the stretch of photographers and some of their work (less than desireable for some, some ok, … Continue reading {Trey} Newborn

{12 days old | Baby Phoenix}