“Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Mini Flyer

This is going to be exciting! I can't wait to get on location and style the set for you guys! We'll be shooting in west El Paso (location to be revealed upon booking and payment) in true "Christmas in El Paso" form. We don't have Christmas tree farms and snow here, so we will get … Continue reading “Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Scott + Carlie

Remember when you were about to become a parent for the first time? All those memories and emotions came back while I was shooting Scott + Carlie. The love they have for each other is pretty transparent, don't you agree? ELISE

“How Far?”

I know some people that can relate to this response, "how far?" Many of us hear this response with our own skepticism. I can't help but feel slightly angered over the complaints that I live, "how far?" Well, honestly, I could continue living on the east coast, I could have instead chosen to live near … Continue reading “How Far?”

The Trees

This is us. It's who we are. We may be a little underdressed, a little scatter-brained from having two young children, a little on-the-spot or whimsical... but it is what makes our life together memorable. It took us two months for this to come together. I had this idea that I wanted him in the … Continue reading The Trees

Love: Mary Ann & Bill

Love is a funny thing. And love is an even more funny thing to display in front of a camera when you really don't do it often in public. Such was the case for Mary Ann & Bill; or atleast that is what I gathered from the way they so intimately picked on each other. … Continue reading Love: Mary Ann & Bill