“Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Mini Flyer

This is going to be exciting! I can't wait to get on location and style the set for you guys! We'll be shooting in west El Paso (location to be revealed upon booking and payment) in true "Christmas in El Paso" form. We don't have Christmas tree farms and snow here, so we will get … Continue reading “Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

“How Far?”

I know some people that can relate to this response, "how far?" Many of us hear this response with our own skepticism. I can't help but feel slightly angered over the complaints that I live, "how far?" Well, honestly, I could continue living on the east coast, I could have instead chosen to live near … Continue reading “How Far?”


Daddies love unconditionally and always at first sight. Daddies celebrate happiness with hugs. Daddies teach young boys to love now, as they will love later: with sincerity. Daddies always give the best hugs. Daddies let their kids comb their mustaches, even if they get their noses combed in the process. Daddies teach their kids it … Continue reading Daddies

Quick Pics

Sometimes, the best pictures you can get are the ones you can quickly snap with your camera phone... Like this one. {I love it!} It's quirky little moments like this that I can't always run and grab my camera from the office to snap of the both of us while watching Elmo; moments like these … Continue reading Quick Pics