Scott + Carlie

Remember when you were about to become a parent for the first time? All those memories and emotions came back while I was shooting Scott + Carlie. The love they have for each other is pretty transparent, don't you agree? ELISE

Purchases and Plans

I've always struggled with eyelash volume and finding the right mascara to compliment my thin, not-so-dark, and probably short eyelashes. My last tube of mascara was so disappointing and dried out quickly; has anyone had the same experience with the yellow Lash Blast mascara from Covergirl? I will never buy this again. After reading Emily's … Continue reading Purchases and Plans

Baby Stuff

My husband and I have been talking about how close we are to having another special stork delivery; just under 9 weeks left! We've been seeing small babies while out and about and thinking about how our arms will be filled with a new, small bundle, and our big bundle. Our No.1 will be 18 … Continue reading Baby Stuff

Happy, and Celebrating.

It's always nice to hear that your baby on the way is healthy. And it's always nice to celebrate his health with the ones who mean the absolute world to you. Today, my husband and I celebrated with single servings of Cherry Garcia icecream (because a pint of it is dangerous), and my son gave … Continue reading Happy, and Celebrating.

Gender Reveal

It seems like forever ago we found out the gender of our sweet, precious babe on the way. And it seems like forever ago that UPS lost the announcement in the mail to my parents house. Thankfully, at least one made it. Chad's parent's received theirs on a Thursday, after I had mailed it on … Continue reading Gender Reveal