Leibovitz Re-creation

Hey y'all! I feel like such a Texan, now. *snicker snicker* I could never lose my city girl roots, though. The funny thing is, is that the Southern Texas / Austin thing, and the Seattle thing marry so nicely. It's like the two cities are sisters, who are long-lost twins, growing up living vastly different … Continue reading Leibovitz Re-creation

Purchases and Plans

I've always struggled with eyelash volume and finding the right mascara to compliment my thin, not-so-dark, and probably short eyelashes. My last tube of mascara was so disappointing and dried out quickly; has anyone had the same experience with the yellow Lash Blast mascara from Covergirl? I will never buy this again. After reading Emily's … Continue reading Purchases and Plans

Homework: A History Lesson

I'm working on my last 2-level elective {read: brain and pocket needed a break from some serious photography lessons}Β for my bachelor's degree I intend on receiving next year. While doing some homework for class, I learned some pretty interesting things; so I'm just going to post the whole thing here... Skip this blog if you … Continue reading Homework: A History Lesson

Just One of Those Days

Today started out... Ok. But it quickly turned into "one of those days"... The dishwasher left food all over my supposed-to-be-clean dishes; so then I had to clean all the dishes, and the dishwasher. Then when No.1 was busy strewing about things while I was hand-washing dishes, I set my treasured Seattle Sbux mug down … Continue reading Just One of Those Days