Motivational Monday – 4/3/17

Last week, we started a Motivational Monday Challenge. While I don't really have a goal for the length of the challenge or know particularly how far I'll go with it, I wanted to start something to keep myself accountable, at some rate. Part of that statement goes exactly along with ... my weakness. Ugh. My … Continue reading Motivational Monday – 4/3/17

“I want that, too”

My name is Elise. I'm a portrait photographer and I own Illuminated Anchor.   Now that that's out of the way, let's get a little deeper. I picked up a camera at 16 or 17, what's the difference? I learned dark room techniques in two trimesters in high school and really loved it. I *think* … Continue reading “I want that, too”

Motivational Monday – 3/27/17

Are you like me and filled with lots of ideas? Lots of lists and wishes and goals? A dreamer? Let's be dreamers together! BUT! Let's also call each other to action in those dreams! It's time to put some pen to the page and make ourselves an outline for a better day, a better week, … Continue reading Motivational Monday – 3/27/17