Ok, let me shoot this straight. Kinley is totally my niece. Chad has one sister, and this is her oldest daughter. I met her when she was about 6 years old. She was precious, adorable, completely naive to the way the big world works, as all 6 year old usually are. Talk. About. PRECIOUS. Since … Continue reading Kinley

Motivational Monday – 3/27/17

Are you like me and filled with lots of ideas? Lots of lists and wishes and goals? A dreamer? Let's be dreamers together! BUT! Let's also call each other to action in those dreams! It's time to put some pen to the page and make ourselves an outline for a better day, a better week, … Continue reading Motivational Monday – 3/27/17

“Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!

Mini Flyer

This is going to be exciting! I can't wait to get on location and style the set for you guys! We'll be shooting in west El Paso (location to be revealed upon booking and payment) in true "Christmas in El Paso" form. We don't have Christmas tree farms and snow here, so we will get … Continue reading “Christmas In El Paso!” Mini Sessions!