Ok, let me shoot this straight. Kinley is totally my niece. Chad has one sister, and this is her oldest daughter. I met her when she was about 6 years old. She was precious, adorable, completely naive to the way the big world works, as all 6 year old usually are. Talk. About. PRECIOUS. Since … Continue reading Kinley

Leibovitz Re-creation

Hey y'all! I feel like such a Texan, now. *snicker snicker* I could never lose my city girl roots, though. The funny thing is, is that the Southern Texas / Austin thing, and the Seattle thing marry so nicely. It's like the two cities are sisters, who are long-lost twins, growing up living vastly different … Continue reading Leibovitz Re-creation

Military Portrait Fundraiser

So my life for the last 11 years has been all Army. For about three quarters of a year now, I've been trying to get some great portraits done of the troop I am FRG Leader for. Finally, I was able to get them done, and it was a great, GREAT success. 🙂 Without further … Continue reading Military Portrait Fundraiser

Finding Confidence | Portfolio

This folio shows how women can be simple and beautiful at the same time; echoing the beauty we see in nature, these women are beautiful in front of our eyes. None of these women traditionally fit the definition of “fashion model” or “beauty model”, (read: tall, skinny, beautiful skin, shiny hair, and the poise of … Continue reading Finding Confidence | Portfolio

Feeling Poetic – The Opening Door

I've been knocking on doors No one is listening They're ignoring my rap. The wind blows by The trees litter their needles A shiver rolls down my spine. My feet find direction One then the other. left. right. left... right. Hands stuffed in pockets One comes out for another Rap at the door. Someone is listening. … Continue reading Feeling Poetic – The Opening Door